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Agile Facility Solutions

Tech-Driven Solutions for Smart Facilities Management.

A premier company dedicated to providing a full menu of Facility Support Services to 8500 clients across North America.

Your Trusted Choice for Facility Support Services

Our professionals have the right training and experience to deliver superior facility and maintenance services that keep your properties in top condition. We are leaders in exceeding client expectations when it comes to commercial property management. Our skilled and committed team works with you to deliver innovative and tailored facility support services that suit your needs and budget. We maintain a high level of regulatory compliance on our contracts throughout North America, offering site-specific, cost-effective solutions that complement every client’s unique requirement. At Agile Facility Solutions, we are proud to serve various industries with our full range of facility services. Whether you need cleaning, security, landscaping, HVAC or any other facility service, we have the expertise and resources to handle it. Contact us today to find out how we can take your facility services to the next level.

At Agile Facility Solutions

We understand the importance of education, appreciation, and advancement. We have been thriving for over 30 successful years, and we credit that accomplishment to our people.

We value personal and professional integrity and realize that a forward-thinking, positive environment begins with us. Ultimately, this mindset results in the outstanding support we provide to all Employees and Service Providers.

Agile Facility Solutions Inc. is an independently owned, Florida Corporation and WBE Certified Enterprise.

It’s a family run business, headquartered in Pompano Beach, Florida.


We hold professional registrations and licenses as may be required by our clients in the provision of facility-related services. Our professional affiliations include, among others:
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